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image The new Tooele City police station is under construction on Garden Street in this photo from Wednesday.

August 22, 2019
Tooele passes final budget, certified tax rate

The Tooele City Council approved a final budget for fiscal year 2019-20 during its meeting Wednesday night, which features a 6% increase over the certified tax rate. 

The City’s $23 million general fund budget was adjusted during a special budget meeting last Wednesday, in which enough was trimmed to reduce the proposed increase to the certified property tax rate from 10.25% to 6%. The final tax rate of .0033205 would generate $5.1 million in revenue, up from the $4.8 million if the City used the certified tax rate of .0033024.

At the adopted .003205 tax rate, a property owner with a $280,000 home would pay $494 in city property taxes, compared to $466 under the certified tax rate. The previously proposed tax rate of .003334 would result in property taxes for the same homeowner of $513. 

Following an 82% tax increase last year, Mayor Debbie Winn and the City Council pledged to hold the same tax rate from the previous year. The City Council decided to review the budget again, however, when the previous tax rate was 10.25% higher than the certified tax rate this year. 

To reduce the property tax rate increase to 6%, the City Council eliminated a grant writer position, made cuts to the operation and maintenance line in the streets budget and removed an annual judgment payment following the settlement with the former Aposhian Sod Farm. 

With the final public hearing required by the Truth in Taxation process held at the Aug. 7 meeting, no public comments were made on the budget at Wednesday’s meeting. 

In a brief presentation to the City Council, City Finance Director Glen Caldwell called the final iteration a good budget, laying out the revenue generated and certified tax rate for adoption. 

The final budget passed unanimously on a motion from City Councilman Scott Wardle, seconded by City Councilman Brad Pratt. The certified tax rate also passed unanimously, on a motion from City Councilman Dave McCall, seconded by City Councilwoman Melodi Gochis.


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