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January 25, 2022
Tooele prevails in swim meet against county rivals

Tooele’s men’s swimming team edged Stansbury 124-120 Saturday morning, Jan. 22 at Pratt Aquatic Center and Grantsville’s boys finished third with 42 points. The trio of teams competed as a tune-up for upcoming region and state meets in February.

The THS Lady Fishaloes dominated the meet with a score of 149 to the Stallions’ 60. Grantsville’s girls were not too far behind the Stallions at 42 points.

Tooele’s men picked up 13 points in the final event of the day with a first-and-third place finish in the 400-yard freestyle relay while the Stallions placed second to earn 5 points in the final event.

Finishing first with a time of 3:47.28 was the THS team of Liam Seals, Jaxon Day, Ryan Beard and Garret Pearson.

The Stallions placed second in the event with a time of 4:02.79. Swimmers were Issac Adair, Barry Wyatt, Jonah Jensen and Logan Gillis.

Tooele’s third-place team included Davis Parker, Chance Roberts, Nathaniel Cramer and Aiden Adams.

Women 200 Yard Relay

The Tooele women opened the meet with a first-place finish in the 200-yard medley relay with a time of 2:17.35. The team included Ava Leonelli, Magdaly Ovando, Haven Saling and Isabelle Lay. 

Stansbury finished second in the event  with Grantsville third.

Men 200 Yard Medley Relay

The Stallions placed first in the 200 yard Medley relay with a time of 1:56.88. The team included Wyatt Barry, Adair, Adrian Hinton, and Chace Allen.

The Stallion B team finished second with Tooele third, Tooele B fourth and Grantsville fifth.

Women 200 Yard Free

Grantsville speedster Mary Armantrout scored eight points for the Grantsville girls with a first-place finish in the 200 yard freestyle with a time of 2:21.33. Tooele’s Lachele Coombs placed second with a time of 2:28.13. Tooele’s Ava Leonelli finished third.

Men 400 Yard Free

Tooele swept the first three places in the 400 yard freestyle event with Garret Pearson first, Liam Seals second, and Bennett Delaney third.

Women 200 Yard IM

Tooele’s Lauren von Niederhäusern won the 200 Yard IM with a time of 2:35.47. Teammate Haven Saling finished second and Stansbury’s Ava Wright placed third.

Men 200 Yard IM

Grantsville’s Josh Parks won the 200 Yard IM with a time of 2:34.87 with a pair of Stansbury swimmers behind him. Chase Barrow finished second and Gavyn Tashro third. 

Women 50 Free

Stansbury’s Katelyn Taylor finished first and teammate Kara Hullinger second in the 50 Free. Tooele’s Kate Walker placed third.

Men 50 Free

Tooele swept the first three places in this event with Jaxon Day first, Ryan Beard second and Garret Pearson third.

Women 100 Yard Fly

Tooele’s Ovando edged out Grantsville’s Libby Whtham in the 100 yard fly. Ovando clocked 1:15.46 with Whitham at 1:17.15. A third swimmer was disqualified.

Men 100 Yard Fly

Day grabbed another first-place finish for the Buffs in the 100 yard fly. He clocked 1:03.48. Grantsville’s Parks placed second and Stansbury’s Chase Barrow was third.

Women 100 Yard Free

Tooele swept the top three spots in this event. Kate Walker, 1:06.82; Lay, 1:07.14; Maddie Nicholson 1:12.54.

Men 100 Yard Free

Stansbury’s Gavin Tashro placed first, Stanbury’s Chase Allen finished second and Grantsville’s Wyatt Collings was third.

Women 500 Yard Free

Grantsville’s Armantrout notched her second first-place finish of the day in the lengthy 500 Yard Freestyle event. She finished the race with a time of 6:14.02. Tooele Lachele Combs finished second and Tooele’s Mackenzie Justesen was third.

Men 500 Yard Free

Seals and Adams finished first and second respectively in this event for the Buffaloes. Logan Gillis of Stansbury placed third.

Women 200 Yard Free Relay

Tooele’s girls picked up valuable points in the 200 Free Relay with a first and second place. 

Tooele’s A team clocked 2:01.42. The team included von Niederhausern, Saling, Walker and Coombs. Tooele’s B team clocked 2:07.41. The squad consisted of Petra Anderson, Sydnee Sherwood, Ovando and Lay.

Grantsville finished third with Whitham, Brookly Davis, Kadee Dow and Armantrout.

Men 200 Yard Free Relay

Tooele finished first with Pearson, Seals, Beard and Day with a time of 1:43.18.

The Stallions were second with Allen, Barrow, Luke Barry and Ben Wilson. They clocked 1:50,70.

Tooele B finished third with Kaden Martin, Morgan McEntire, Adams and Bennett Delaney.

Women 100 Yard Back

Stansbury’s Katelyn Taylor finished first with a time of 1:05.14. Tooele’s Leonelli was second and Tooele’s Sherwood finished third.

Men 100 Yard Back

Stansbury’s Wyatt Barry finished first with a time of 1:03.78. Tooele’s Beard placed second and Stanbury’s Jensen third.

Women 100 Yard Breast

Tooele’s vonNiederhausern edged out teammate Saling by just over 2 seconds to finish first. Nicholson placed third.

Men 100 Yard Breast

The Stallions swept the top three places in this event. Adrian Hilton won with a time of 1:13.78. Adair finished second and Wilson finished third.

Women 400 Yard Free Relay

Tooele won the event with a time of 4:28.46. The team included Coombs, Leonelli, Walker and von Niderhauseren. Grantsville finished second and Tooele B team was third.

Tooele will swim at Cyprus on Thursday, Jan. 27. Stansbury and Tooele will compete at the Region 7 meet scheduled for Feb. 5 at Wasatch High School.

Grantsville will compete at the Region 13 meet on Saturday, Jan. 29 at Pratt Aquatic Center in Tooele. The 3A state meet is set for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 11-12 at BYU. The 5A state meet will be held on Feb. 18-19 at BYU.


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