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November 21, 2019
Tooele residents reminded of street parking rules with coming snow

No overnight parking on streets until April 1 

According to extended forecasts from the National Weather Service,  Tooele City’s first snowfall of the season may arrive early next week. 

In an announcement released on Nov. 1 via its official website, Tooele City reminded residents of city ordinances and guidelines pertaining to winter roadway parking, shoveling and snowblowing. 

According to Tooele City Ordinance 10-3-6, “no person shall park a vehicle on any street between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. of any day from Nov. 1 through March 31. This provision does not apply to authorized emergency vehicles in the performance of official duties.” 

City snow plow drivers can’t remove snow from the city public rights-of-way if there are cars and trucks parked in their way and individuals may be ticketed if their vehicle is hindering the removal of snow, according to the announcement.

“We find that people parking on the roadways during the winter months is a huge problem and it’s a problem every year,” said Tooele City Police Chief Ron Kirby. “In most cases, we ticket the vehicles’ owners that are in violation with this ordinance unless the owners are not present to relocate the vehicles.”

The ordinance states that a police officer is authorized to remove the vehicle to a place of safety if the vehicle is stopped, parked, or left standing on a street or public right-of-way in a position when the vehicle obstructs the normal and safe movement of authorized emergency vehicles and city service vehicles, including snow plows, in the performance of official duties.  

Tooele City suggests not parking on the street during or immediately after snowfall and especially not parking on the street any time when snow is expected so snowplows can efficiently clear the streets.

City officials also remind residents and business owners to keep their driveways and sidewalks clear so that firefighters, medics and postal workers can reach their house or business. Residents should also ensure all private roads are kept clear so fire apparatus and ambulances can reach their home; remove all snow and ice adjacent to emergency exits, especially those exits that are infrequently used; and keep snow and ice cleared from outside stairs. 

If a major storm occurs, residents can help clear fire hydrants of deep snow near their home so that firefighters can readily locate them if needed. 

Residents are also advised to remember their pets and make sure they are kept safe and secure when outside temperatures are below freezing.   

As winter conditions approach, residents are cautioned to not blow or shovel their snow out onto the streets. Tooele City Code 4-11-15 (2) states: “It is unlawful for any person to place or propel, or cause to be placed or propelled, snow, ice, hail, or sleet in the public way or in any manner which poses a hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.”

For more information on Tooele City ordinances and code, visit


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