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image One of Utah Transit Authority’s Front Runner trains runs along the Wasatch Front. Commuter rail is one of the proposed alternatives for public transit between Tooele and Salt Lake counties.

December 3, 2020
Tooele to Salt Lake train transit option

Time to tell UTA how you want to travel to Salt Lake 

In the future, travelers to Salt Lake City from Tooele County may hop onto a train on the north end of Tooele City that makes one more stop in the Benson Gristmill area before reaching Salt Lake City in 30 to 40 minutes.

Utah Transit Authority wants Tooele County residents to weigh in on four alternative plans to use public transportation to move people between Tooele and Salt Lake valleys.

With a large percent of Tooele County’s workforce commuting into Salt LakeValley for work every day, the increasing stress that commute puts on drivers and transportation infrastructure was a key issue in the recent election that voters overturn zoning decisions for two developments in Tooele County by more than two-thirds of the voters that cast a ballot.

Recognizing Tooele County’s rapid growth, UTA started transit study for Tooele County in January 2020.

The study began with an open house in January 2020 where UTA officials collected concerns about existing public transit options, support for proposed transit changes and suggestions for future transit options.

UTA spent the last ten months analyzing the input they received and developing transit alternatives for the Tooele County/Salt Lake County commute.

The result is UTA has come up with four alternatives that they are considering to improve public transit between the two counties.

UTA is holding a virtual open house between Dec. 2 and Dec. 16 to introduce the four alternatives to the public and collect public feedback.

The first three options use buses with differing lane alignments. The fifth option, the most expensive, calls for commuter rail to connect the two counties.

Each alternative has advantages and disadvantages and costs.

The four alternatives are described in today’s featured news stories. 

The UTA virtual open house with a survey for feedback can be found at

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