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January 26, 2022
Tourism grant application time

Applications for County tourism grants due Feb. 4 

Tooele County’s Tourism Advisory Board has put out the call for applications for the County’s 2022 Tourism Grant program.

The County’s approved 2022 budget includes an allocation of $362,950 from the County’s tourism tax fund to be distributed to projects and promotions recommended by the Tourism Advisory Board.

Applications for tourism grants are due on Feb. 4 by 5 p.m. Only digital applications found at will be accepted this year.

Tourism grant funds come from the County’s tourism tax fund. The tourism tax fund receives revenue from a 1.0% tax on food purchased in restaurants and a 3.5% tax on lodging in motels and hotels.

In 2022, the County expects to receive $570,000 from the lodging tax and $820,000 from the restaurant tax for a total of $1.39 million in tourism tax revenue.

The 2021 budget shows $997,000 of revenue for the combined tourism taxes. In 2019, pre-COVID-19, the county received $1.2 million in tourism taxes.

State code requires that tourism tax dollars be used to promote tourism or for the maintenance and operation of tourism-related facilities.

For the first time, the 2022 budget for the tourism fund breaks down income and revenue by category with 47% allocated to tourism promotion and 53% for tourism projects.

Examples of tourism grants approved by the Tourism Advisory Board and the County Council in 2021 include: $16,000 for the Bit N Spur Rodeo for facility costs and out of county advertising;  $10,000 for Tooele City’s Railroad Museum; $5,000 to Salty and Stupid Cycling for out of county advertising and copyright access to high-quaility footage for use in tourism efforts; $500 to Ivie Cares Farm and Petting Zoo for out of county advertising; $5,000 to Elite FC Soccer for out of county advertising and facility costs for a tournament; and $8,000 to the West Desert High School Rodeo Club to cover costs of advertising, facility rental, ambulance, and announcers for hosting a rodeo.

Grants applications may cover expenses for one or both of two categories: promotion, advertising, establishing recreation, tourism, film production, conventions, economic diversification and/or operation/maintenance of airport, convention, cultural, recreation or tourist facilities; convention meeting rooms, exhibit halls, visitor information centers, museums and sports and recreation facilities.

Applicants will be asked to show how funding their request will meet their category’s criteria.

For additional information on the grant process call the County Manager’s office at 843-3150 or send an email to


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