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March 22, 2005
Transcript-Bulletin wins highs and ‘oops’

Competing with newspapers from throughout the state, the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin was honored with a myriad of awards presented Saturday by the Utah Press Association (UPA) at a conference and banquet held in St. George.

Newspapers competing against the Transcript-Bulletin, which comprises the largest category for Utah weekly newspapers include: Salt Lake City Weekly, Davis County Clipper, New Utah, Park (City) Record, West Valley News, Utah Statesman, Richfield Reaper and Intermountain Catholic.

Our local newspaper placed in 18 out of 22 categories, as follows:

First-Place Awards

Troy Boman took first-place honors in the Best Photo page which ran Oct. 19. Called “A silver lining,” the page depicted Grantsville High School tennis coach Don Wayne Nelson and his girls tennis team.

Although Nelson garnered 31 firstplace and 10-second place titles in his 50 net campaigns for both boys and girls tennis, the Cowgirls came in second place during Don’s final season of coaching.

Boman brilliantly captured the look of determination on the girls faces as they played their hearts out during the state match, as well as the tears of disappointment of coming in second in a match they so wanted to win for themselves as well as for their beloved coach.

Judges wrote of Boman’s photo page: “Nicely composed images, good expressions.”

Mary Ruth Hammond garnered first-place in the Best Feature competition for a story called “A woman of courage.” A sub-title to the Nov. 2 article was “’Angels’ bolster survivor following night of terror.’

The story was about Diane “Dee” Jensen of Skull Valley who survived a robbery and shooting spree by Richard Hesper Wilson, a man from Walla Walla, Wash. who had a criminal history dating back to 1989. Before robbing and shooting Jensen last June, Wilson shot and killed a 17-year-old girl in Mountain Home, Idaho. Just a couple of hours before shooting Jensen, Wilson had stopped at a laundromat in Grantsville where he robbed the business of about $50 and then shot the 17-year-old worker in the head.

Luckily, the teen as well as Jensen survived the horrendous night and recovered from their gunshot wounds. Wilson killed himself after a police chase.

Judges’ comments on the story were: “Very timely, exciting story. Good personal style, lots of detail.”

Dave Bern, Heidi Mills, Keith Bird and Ben Nelson caught the judges’ eyes for first place in their run of press, full-page campaign for Mountain West Medical Center. The ads featured the faces of various medical professionals, plus information explaining the latest techniques and services available at the hospital.

The judges’ comments were, “Nice layout, ‘catchy’ cutlines.

Made me want to switch to (Mountain West Medical Center) facility. Good use of color, photos didn’t look forced, very human and warm. Great campaign.”

Heidi Mills took first place in her run of press, full-page ad on Trilobyte’s Internet Access and Services. The headline of Heidi’s ad proclaimed, “Experience power,” and judges wrote of her ad, “You can really feel the power!”

Diane Johnson designed a 8×11 inch “Subscript-A-Thon for Tooele Transcript-Bulletin carriers last year. During the month of October, each carrier was eligible to win one of several prizes including a razor scooter, boom box, telescope and lots more.

Judges called Diane’s Subscript- A-Thon “a great idea. The flyer and prize sheet really caught attention and the end results were great.” In fact, through Diane’s campaign and along with the hard work of the carriers, 135 new subscribers were added to our data base that month.

Second Place Awards

Mike Call, Tooele Transcript- Bulletin managing editor, won second place for the “Best Front Page” category. Call arranged the stories and photos for three issues of the newspaper. Judges’ comment were, “Great looking paper. Good use of headers and photos. Very clean and easy to follow.”

In the category of Best General News Story, Mary Ruth Hammond took second place honors for her story on Jason Behle, 27, a Tooele EMT who with the help of others saved the life of a young woman who had overdosed the morning of July 6. Jason went home at 4:30 that morning and went to sleep. But before doing so, he left a note on the front seat of his wife’s car that read, “I love you tons. Have a good day. Love always Jason.”

When Jason’s wife, Michelle, came home that afternoon at 1:30 p.m., she became worried when a babysitter for the couple’s children told her Jason was still in bed. Walking into the bedroom, Michelle knew immediately that her husband was dead. Doctors said the young husband and father probably died of a heart attack. Judges commented on the article, “… a clear winner. A great job of reaching the family and getting them to open up.”

Troy Boman took second place honors in the “Best Feature Photo” with his picture of a South Pacificthemed Director’s Trophy competition held on the Great Salt Lake last July. The photo featured a man in a grass skirt and leis around his neck with a younger girl standing behind him on a boat. Judges said of the photo, “Funny picture, great angle and hard action shot that fit very nice with story. The photo relies more on creativity of subjects than photographer.”

Boman also took second place for “Best News Photograph” for a wildfire that firefighters battled on state Route 112 last July. The fire burned approximately three to five acres of brush and was caused by fireworks.

Sports Editor Nick Drake took second-place for his sports column titled “From the Sidelines.”

Drake entered columns on Tom Allen Warr, who along with other family members established the Allen B.-Norm Warr Memorial ballpark in Erda. A second column was about Matt Bate, a Dugway High School basketball player who helped the Mustangs win a share of the region title. Drake also took to task “so-called sports enthusiasts and experts — mostly parents — (who) bash and harass prep coaches and their families in teamoriented sports.”

Judges wrote, “Great mix of columns. The (column) on Warr was compassionate and insightful. The Bates column … was also great. The best of the three was the parent column. How did you feel after writing this? Good, I hope. It’s sad when the “experts” get too involved in their children’s lives. Not everyone is destined to be a sport’s hero. Be proud of this one.”

Michael Rigert took secondplace with his editorial dated Nov. 9, titled “Open up on land plan.” Rigert’s editorial took Dugway Proving Ground officials to task for attempting to procure additional unspecified public land along its southern border, but not releasing to the public any reason for the land acquisition. Judges said of the editorial, “Well thought out, relevant to the local community, persuasive and clear.”

Lori Lawrence took secondplace for Best Classified page or pages. Judges wrote, “Nice clean pages …”

The entire Tooele Transcript- Bulletin editorial department took second place in “Best News Coverage” for three newspapers chosen from three specified dates. Judges noted they especially liked the hometown features on Grantsville pharmacist Bob Halladay, and the Matt and Rebecca Peterson family of Grantsville who are battling a myriad of health problems. Judges wrote, “Strong overall coverage and the Hometown features were very good.”

Third-Place Awards

Michael Rigert won third-place recognition for “The Best Breaking News Story” for an article Sept. 9 on the crash of the Genesis space capsule that was to be recovered at Dugway Proving Ground. Of that article, judges wrote, “This is a major story with good sourcing.”

Nick Drake took third place in the Best Sports Page. Judges’ comments included, “Good stories. Tell your photographer (Troy Boman) that he rocks!! I love the swimming and track dominant art.”

Mary Ruth Hammond took third place in a six-part series of articles called “Faces of Haiti — Smiles of Hope.” Judges wrote: “Very ambitious series.”

Kari Scribner was awarded third place for a series of three columns written under the headline: View From My Window. Judges wrote, “Well thought out and written. ‘Teachers’ column did a good job of putting reader in your head and heart.”

The Tooele Transcript-Bulletin placed third in the Best Lifestyle Page with an article called “Tennis Legend (Don Wayne Nelson) says goodbye, written by Mary Ruth Hammond and laid out by Troy Boman; “Rock, Stock and Beam” about Grantsville contractor Bart Hamatake written by Karen Lee Scott and laid out by Troy Boman and Jill Homer; and Stockton’s Treasure Hunt, written by Karen Hunt and laid out by Troy Boman.

Gaydean Egelund won thirdplace for a best in-house promotion full page ad honoring Tooele County service men and women. Judges wrote, “Nice job in highlighting community support through the local paper!”

Screw-up of the Year

Yep! The Tooele Transcript- Bulletin also won the Screw Up of the Year Award with our Jan. 13 headline: “Bear faces in-depth probe, ordered to appear in court.”

Of course, all of us here at the newspaper knew the “Bear” we were referring to was Leon Bear, chairman of the Skull Valley Band of Goshute Indians. But apparently, others thought a “bear” had been ordered to court to undergo a painful medical procedure.

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