Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah
image The roots of this tree grew into the wall surrounding the DUP museum. The tree has now been removed. photo courtesy of Lynne Bevan

November 19, 2013
Tree removed at DUP

Recently some trees were removed from near the Daughters of Utah Pioneers museum in Tooele. The tree roots were breaking down the stone wall behind the museum and growing into the foundation of the museum, causing damage. The cost for such a project was far more than the limited budget of the Tooele County Daughters of Utah Pioneers. A lifeline was thrown to them by EC Source, the power line contractor from south of Stockton. They stepped in with equipment and man power, cutting down, cleaning up and hauling away debris. The DUP would like to thank the contractor and the men who worked on the removal: Justin Campbell, Kobey Flangh, Ron Boese, B. Cody Smith, Adam Winge, Cody Tracy, and Randy Huffaker. The Pioneer City Hall, erected in 1865, now houses the Tooele County Daughters of Utah Pioneers’ museum, filled with artifacts, pictures and histories of the early settlers of Tooele County. The building is listed on the National Historical Register.

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