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October 1, 2019
Two men charged in alleged July assault set to appear in court

A pair of Tooele men charged in the alleged July assault of a man using a baseball bat are scheduled to make their appearance in 3rd District Court next Monday. 

Eric J. Done, 57, and Joseph Jon Done, 33, are both charged with third-degree felony aggravated assault. 

The Dones are scheduled to appear before 3rd District Court Judge Matthew Bates on Oct. 7 at 10:30 a.m. 

Charges in the case stem from a July 14 incident documented in a probable cause statement by the Tooele City Police Department. Officers were dispatched on reports of an assault in the area of Utah Avenue and 100 East. 

The responding officer observed two subjects run into the basement of a nearby residence, the probable cause statement said. The officer also saw a white vehicle with broken windows and body damage; a pair of pliers and a screwdriver with blood on it were recovered near the vehicle. 

The two subjects refused to leave the residence and Tooele City police set up and maintained containment around the residence until Tooele County’s SWAT team arrived, the statement said. It was later determined the Dones resided in the residence. 

After obtaining a search warrant, SWAT entered the residence and detained both Dones. Eric Done was transported to Mountain West Medical Center to treat an injury to his face; he said he didn’t know the cause of the facial injury. 

While being interviewed by police, Joseph Done said he was beating a car outside his residence with a baseball bat when he was confronted by a man who told him to stop, the statement said. Joseph Done said the man continued to approach him, then pushed him down the stairs leading to his residence. 

Joseph Done said Eric Done came out and got in an altercation with the man, the statement said. He admitted to hitting the alleged victim with the bat, but said it was due to the man beating up Eric Done. 

The search warrant recovered two white tank tops with blood on them, a gray shirt with blood on it, four pieces of a broken stick found on the street and several sticks, including one wrapped in black tape. 

Investigators met with the alleged victim at Mountain West Medical Center, who said he was beaten with a bat, according to the probable cause statement. The victim said the incident began when he saw a man beating a vehicle with a baseball bat and went outside to ask him to stop. 

The victim said he was then attacked by the man with the bat and another man, the statement said. The detective observed injuries to the victim’s torso, arm and head consistent with such an attack. 

Three witnesses to the alleged assault all said they saw two men beat Smith with a bat, according to the probable cause statement. 

The following day, Eric Done was interviewed by police and told them prior to the incident he heard yelling outside his residence, the statement said. Once outside, Done said the unknown man got in his face and wanted to fight. 

Eric Done said he didn’t want to fight but pushed the man and told him to leave, the statement said. He said a short time later, several people came to the home and yelled for them to come out, leading to an altercation in which Eric Done said he was punched in the face and threw a wrench at the person who punched him when they ran away. 

Investigators also spoke with another neighbor who said he saw the victim being beaten by two men, with one holding a baseball bat.


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