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September 28, 2023
UDOT selects preferred route to finish Midvalley Highway

Online public hearing Sept. 26, in-person public hearing Sept. 28 

The Utah Department of Transportation has announced their preferred route to extend the Midvalley Highway from SR-138 to SR-36, south of Tooele City.

Out of the four draft alternative routes that UDOT collected public input in a process that ended on August 1 of 2022, UDOT selected what was then called “Draft Alignment 3.”

The preferred route heads south from the intersection of Midvalley Highway and SR-138 and runs west of the Tooele Valley Airport with a grade-separated crossing at Erda Way and interchanges at the future 33rd Parkway and 2000 North. 

At 2000 North, the preferred route curves southeast and then turns back to almost due south before coming to a signalized intersection at 1000 North. Continuing to the south, the route comes to a grade separated crossing of the Union Pacific Railroad at Utah Avenue. The route continues south from Utah Avenue and joins SR-36 south of 1220 South.

The UDOT map of the route shows intersections at Vine Street, 60 South, 700 South, Timpie Road and 1220 South on the segemnt of the highway between Utah Avenue and SR-36. (See the UDOT map for route details.)

An online public hearing to review the environmental assessment and the preferred alternative route is scheduled for Sept. 26. An in-person public hearing is scheduled for Sept. 28. The same information will be presented at both meetings.

A public comment period runs from Sept. 10 through Oct. 10, 2023.

The online public hearing and question and answer will be held Tuesday, Sept. 26 from 7-8 p.m. All participants must register to attend the online meeting. On the day of  the online meeting, registered participants will be emailed a link to join. The meeting will be recorded and added to UDOT’s Midvalley Highway website,, on Sept. 27, 2023. To register for the online meeting go to UDOT’s Midvalley Highway website, click on “EA and Public Hearing” in the top menu bar. Scroll down and click on the “Register” box.

The in-person public hearing will be held on Thursday, Sept. 28 in Tooele City Police Department’s Community Room at 50 North Garden Street in Tooele City.

Formal comments will be accepted at the in-person meeting through a court reporter, open microphone or a comment form. To sign up for the open microphone in advance, please email the study team at Individuals will have three minutes to speak and live comments will be transcribed by a court reporter.

The preferred alternative map, the environment assessment (two volumes) and the appendix to the environment assessment can be found on UDOT’s Midvalley Highway website,


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