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image Cars drive along SR-36 Monday afternoon near Stansbury with Adobe Rock in the background. The road between Stansbury Park and I-80 is scheduled to be resurfaced this year.

April 10, 2012
UDOT to make only small repairs to local roadways this year

Although several major, long-term roadway projects are taking place across the state this year, Tooele County residents will only see two low-impact projects on state roads locally, both occurring this summer.

Adan Carillo, spokesperson for the Utah Department of Transportation, said crews will be doing some improvements to Droubay Road where the railroad tracks intersect the road just north of 2400 North. Carillo said the project was spearheaded by Tooele County, but UDOT will be facilitating it. The grade of the inclination before and after the railroad tracks on the roadway will be realigned.

“They’re realigning the grade so it’s not such a steep incline or decline. It’s going to be more of a gradual approach as people cross the railroad tracks,” Carillo said. “It hasn’t been advertised [to contractors] at all yet, but we know it will be completed before the end of this year.”

The second project Tooele County residents will be affected by will be on SR-36 between Stansbury Park and I-80. Carillo said the roadway will be resurfaced with an inch of open-graded surface course as part of a routine maintenance.

“Every road has a certain lifespan,” Carillo said. “Depending on the usage, every five to seven years we have to go back and give roads some type of maintenance treatment to extend their life, repair potholes and things like that.”

Carillo said although he doesn’t know when that project will start either — since a bid hasn’t been awarded yet — it shouldn’t take more than six to eight weeks to complete.

“That all just depends on when we get started and weather activity,” he said. “We intend to have it completed by August or September.”

Once the bids are awarded to contractors, then UDOT will work out a timetable with them.

“Contractors will be the ones to tell us when they are ready to go,” said Carillo.

He added the best things people can do when they are driving through construction zones this summer is to slow down for reduced speed limits, be courteous to other drivers and construction workers, and stay out of the way of large construction vehicles.

Carillo said UDOT sets its priority list for projects around the state based on a number of things, like funds available, safety issues or improvements and maintenance needed. In Tooele County, maintenance is UDOT’s main focus this year. In the next couple of years, Tooele County residents will see projects taking place on the Midvalley Highway and Old Mormon Trail Road, and on SR-36 for drainage issues. In addition, plans are in the works to build park-and-ride lots for bus service in Grantsville and Stansbury Park.

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