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August 6, 2020
UHP officer performs CPR in Delle for 15 minutes

A Utah Highway Patrol officer performed CPR on a woman for 15 minutes near Delle.

According to Nickolas Street, public information officer for UHP, a 41-year-old co-driver of a semi-truck began not feeling well near milepost 78, by Delle on Saturday.

She told the driver to stop because she was having a hard time breathing.

After stopping, the driver of the truck called 911.

The closest trooper, Gordon Mortensen, was eight miles away at the time.

When Mortensen arrived on scene, he noticed that the woman was unconscious and barely breathing, but did have a pulse, according to Street.

The woman then lost her pulse and quit breathing, so Mortensen started CPR on the woman.

He continued to perform CPR on the woman for 15 minutes.

“It’s hard to even perform CPR for five minutes,” said Street. “We are proud of him.”

A life flight helicopter was called, arrived at the scene, and continued to perform CPR until the woman was stable enough to be transported to a hospital.

During the ride on the helicopter, the woman had several cardiac arrest episodes.

The current condition of the woman is unknown, according to Street.

 Mortensen may be nominated for a Department of Public Safety lifesaving award.

“It’s a result of quick work from our trouper that the woman may be alive,” said Street.


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