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July 12, 2016
Unlike Kerry, I wish the UK well for Brexit

I am sure that most people are aware of, and many are intrigued by, the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

It seems clear that the most motivating factor in the direction they are taking is sovereignty. They do not want to lose their nation’s freedom to control their own destiny.  I am not surprised by the actions of the United Kingdom. What does surprise me is who has tried to derail the campaign, and is still trying, even though the free people of the UK have spoken.

I wonder if President Barack Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry have ever heard of the American Revolution? By their actions to attempt to stop or derail Brexit, you would think they had never heard of it. On the other hand, knowing what globalists they both appear to be, they probably have heard of the American Revolution, but believe it was unethical and immoral, because if the unjust and power-hungry colonists had only stayed under the thumb of England, then world globalism would probably be much further along today.

I am grateful that the UK won its freedom without a shot being fired; I only wish it had been that simple for the American colonists. But I believe the UK is discovering that having their freedom will cost more than the expense of an election. With enlightened globalists like Obama and Kerry lurking around, as well as disappointed leaders in other countries who are concerned about their economies, the UK will be in danger of a referendum on the referendum, at least for a while.

I would imagine, based on Kerry’s recent statements, that he would have been horrified by the peasants of France revolting against the enlightened aristocracy. Again, had the ungratefuls left well enough alone, it is likely the benevolent leaders of the Great British Kingdom and the enlightened leaders of France would have begun the EU 100 years earlier, don’t you think?

How ignorant and self-aggrandizing for Obama to have gone over to England in an effort to persuade the English to remain in the EU. How despicable for Kerry to now be running around suggesting that there are ways for the referendum to be “walked back,” which is nothing less than saying there are ways for it to be overturned, regardless of the spoken will of the people.

If Kerry and Obama continue in power in our nation, you can bet they would like to see a day our nation joins a “North American Union,” and then some day later, a “Global Union.” They care nothing for sovereignty, or the rule of law; they care only for their small-minded attempts at social and global engineering; basically recreating the world in their own image, or at least the image they imagine in their minds.

When it comes to the UK leaving the EU, I do not have a dog in that fight. It doesn’t matter to me if they leave or stay.  What does matter to me is countries that desire to maintain their national sovereignty and liberties be allowed to do so. Unlike Kerry, I believe the UK should be wished well. I see nothing wrong with nations working together, while maintaining separateness and individualities. That cannot occur if Brussels rules the world, rewriting the laws of all lands, removing borders, and silencing those who would disagree.

If you think that last statement is undeserved, or beyond the pale, think again. Not only are those some of the EU’s previously stated goals, but in light of the UK’s exit, those goals are now being promoted even more vehemently. Not only does Brussels want England, Ireland, and Scotland to lose total control over who enters their borders, Brussels even wants to regulate the kind of teapots England is allowed to use.

In our nation we have similar Orwellian thinking being made public. One of the points in this year’s Democratic platform for the national convention is to call for criminal investigations into companies that deny global warming. If found guilty of denying global warming, they would be held accountable for misleading stockholders and investors, and for encouraging damage to the world’s environment. That, even though many eminent scientists tell us that climate change is not an effect of industrialization, but an ongoing cyclical aspect of our planet. Still, the Orwellian Speak Police would like to put them, and you, in jail if you do not join in the chorus that “humans are responsible for Katrina.”

As I have pondered this, I have concluded one reason Obama and Kerry are so afraid of this Brexit issue: They may fear it adds fuel to those in Texas who don’t want men wandering in and out of little girls’ locker rooms and restrooms, nor 39 gender identities imposed upon them like “the enlightened bureaucracy” just did in New York City to the point they may vote to leave our union. (They actually can’t, but they may sure as shootin’ like to.)

If D.C. continues to listen to the minority voices of unreasonable demands, who knows what awaits us. If you think that the insanity you see around you is about as crazy as it can get, fasten your seatbelt, because it may well just be the beginning.

McCartney is a resident of Tooele City and pastor of First Baptist Church of Tooele. 

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