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December 21, 2017
Updates, automatic settings Mac users should check

Mac users recently received some updates and they are recommended for everyone. I have noticed that some of you aren’t getting your updates automatically, which prompted today’s article.

First, open the app store and at the top, select the “Updates” button. If it didn’t start checking for updates, select the “Updates” button again. If you see the message “No Updates Available,” your machine has all the latest updates. If you see it updating, continue to install all available updates.

Once you have installed all your updates, in the menu bar above, select “App Store” and then open “Preferences.” Click the lock to the bottom-left if it isn’t already unlocked. Enter your Apple ID and password and select “Unlock.”

You should checkmark Automatically check for updates, Download newly available updates in the background, Install app updates, Install macOS updates, Install system data files and security updates, and if you have more than one device that uses your Apple ID and you want your purchased apps to be downloaded automatically to your device, checkmark the appropriate box.

You will also see the date when your computer last checked for updates and you can select the “Check Now” button to see if there are any updates available.

The next section is important because it grants or restricts permissions as they pertain to purchases made on your Mac. The strictest is to “Always Require” for Purchases and in-app Purchases, and “Require Password” for Free Downloads. When you have set your preferences, click the lock again to save your changes.

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