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August 5, 2022
UTA change day brings new service to Tooele County

On Demand transit service replaces some bus routes 

Regular riders of Utah Transit Authority’s F400, F402 or F453 bus routes should check out the August 7 change date changes for Tooele County before they head for the bus stop on Monday morning.

The F400 and F402 routes will be gone and portions of the F453 will also be gone.

In their place UTA will offer a new on-demand service that will extend public transit to more places in Tooele, Grantsville and west Erda cities along with Stansbury Park, according to Jeff Acerson, UTA Board of Trustees member who represents Tooele and Utah counties.

Using an app on a cell phone, riders can order a on-demand ride from anywhere to anywhere within the service area for the same price as a bus ticket, $2.50 one-way, with the same current discounts for senior citizens and students, according to Jaron Robertson, UTA’s director of innovative mobility.

UTA’s standard transfer policies apply to On Demand service. 

The service area for Tooele County includes Grantsville, Stansbury Park, Tooele City and west Erda. The On Demand service  in Tooele County will operate Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

After downloading the UTA On Demand app from the app store of users choice, the user then sets up their account including a method of payment: debit or credit card, UTA pass or a FAREPAY card. Passes like the Eco Pass or Student Pass can be added to the user’s account in the app or over the phone, by calling 385-217-8191.

Riders can also pay using valid UTA paper or mobile tickets or passes by selecting: ‘UTA Paper Ticket or Transfer’ in the app under Payment Methods — excluding cash, and show your paper or mobile ticket when you board. For more detailed ways to pay, visit the app help center.

Right now, new users that downlaod the app get 10 free rides, Robertson said.

For those booking rides for multiple riders, like groups going to the same destination, they can book the ride using their method of payment and include up to four additional riders at no extra cost. This means the fare for a one-way ticket/ride is only $2.50. Warning: This is a trial feature and may be removed without notice.

Riders that don’t have a mobile phone can call 385-217-8191 to book a ride.

There’s also a toggle switch in the user profile for selecting a ride with wheelchair accessibility. Switch it on and every time the user requests a trip a wheelchair accessible vehicle will be dispatched.

The app will tell you where to catch your ride. It may be a short walk from your location. On Demand is described as a corner-to-corner service. The wait time fior a ride may be up to 20 minutes, but Robertson hopes to keep the wait time down to an average of 15 minutes.

This is a shared ride service so the rider may board with others in the vehicle or stop along the way to pick up others.

 The app-based technology matches multiple riders headed in a similar direction into a single vehicle, allowing for quick and efficient shared trips.

On Demand vehicles will have signage to identify them and the app will notify the rider of the driver’s license plate number. Initially UTA will be using vans to start up the program, but special six passengers vehicles are on order.

More information on UTA On Demand can be found at

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