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image A UTA bus travels down Tooele’s Main Street dropping off passengers.

April 2, 2019
UTA public hearing on route changes set for Thursday

The Utah Transit Authority is reviewing changes, which include expanding the frequency of bus trips between Tooele County and Salt Lake City, and the public can discuss them during a public hearing Thursday. 

The proposed changes would take effect this August and could affect many of the bus routes in the county. 

Riders on route 451, which runs from Tooele City to the Benson Gristmill park-and-ride then on to downtown Salt Lake City, will have its one-way trip fare reduced from $5.50 to $2.50. The hours of service are expected to expand slightly during rush hour, according to UTA, and it adds stops from the former Route 453. 

The existing Route 454, between Grantsville and downtown Salt Lake, will expand from one trip each way to five trips each way. The route, which connects through the Benson Gristmill park-and-ride, includes stops at Salt Lake International Airport and along North Temple, before ending in downtown. 

Both routes 451 and 454 will continue to service downtown Salt Lake City.

The new route F453 will be a midday flex route between the 2400 North Tooele park-and-ride to the Benson Gristmill park-and-ride, then to the Salt Lake International Center. The route ends at the Power Station stop on the Trax Green Line. The route will run hourly midday in both directions and connect to flex or shuttle services in Tooele County, as well as bus and TRAX service in Salt Lake County. 

The route F453 service will be offered between approximately 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., while routes 451 and 454 will not be operating. Current route 453 riders will now use route 451 in Tooele, then transfer to route 454 at the Benson Gristmill park-and-ride, to reach the International Center, airport or North Temple stops. 

Other possible changes include the discontinuation of route F401 between Grantsville and the Benson Gristmill. Another proposed change is additional trips on route F400, which is a flex route between the 2400 North park-and-ride and Tooele Technical College, with possible stops near the Tooele Senior Center, Mountain West Medical Center and Walmart. 

The public hearing on the proposed changes will be held Thursday from 4:30-7:30 p.m. in the basement auditorium of the Tooele County Building at 47 S. Main St., Tooele. Comments on the proposed changes this August can also be submitted online at, by email at, by phone at 801-237-1952, or mail at Utah Transit Authority, 669 W. 200 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, c/o Eric Callison.


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