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October 15, 2019
Valid ID to vote

Over the past few months I have attempted to contact two of our state’s representatives: Christ Stewart and Doug Sagers. It hasn’t gone well on either account. This being fall, I feel comfortable getting to next year’s politics.

At the first of this year I contacted Chris Stewart, submitting Congressional Complaint. This is something available to any U.S. Citizen. It’s simply a letter addressing an issue/issues a citizen feels are important and needs more Congressional attention. Mine is the massive subsidies given to fully solvent, profitable major companies stateside and abroad, every year with taxpayer dollars. Companies like Shell Oil, Dupont, Chevron, ethanol companies across America, Lockheed and the like. The list was from current information. All information sites were named. There was no bogus stuff.

It took several attempts to get a response acknowledging my letter. The response did not address the issue I submitted. It was on pretty taxpayer paid for letterhead. Still, a worthless, meaningless brush off by an elected member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

I’ve attempted to contact Rep. Sagers (twice) and there has been no response at all regarding the Utah’s lax voter ID law. I believe in this day and age of daily attempts at deception, a valid, State or Federal ID should be required to vote. Showing up at the polls to vote in Utah without a valid ID is no problem. Current voter ID requirements states: “two forms of ID that, when combined, prove your name and current residence.” Great! So now we know you live in Utah.

But are you a legal citizen of the United States? Why does this matter? VOTEUTAH website clearly states in mandatory language: “In Utah to register and vote you must meet the following criteria: 1. Be a citizen of the United States.” If you have to prove you are a citizen to register, why shouldn’t it be mandatory at the polling station? What’s so wrong with presenting a valid ID? You need to show ID for so many things today. Shouldn’t voting be added to the list?

Please, contact Rep. Sagers and voice our opinion for or against legislation requiring real, valid, Voter ID.

Louis Duquette



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