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image These five 3rd-graders won the Valley Behavioral Health art contest by drawing something positive about themselves. From left: Alaina Harding, Lauren Peterson, Heather Page, Lainee Vaughn and Grace Jewkes

May 22, 2014
Valley Behavioral Health celebrates Mental Health Month with children’s art

Each year, Valley Behavioral Health sponsors an art contest for all 3rd grade students in Tooele County. The art contest celebrates May, as National Mental Health Month, and each student is asked to draw a picture around the theme, “When I Feel Good About Myself, I Can…” This year, over 800 students from throughout Tooele School District participated in the contest, and community members were encouraged to vote for their favorite pictures at the Tooele City Library in April. 

Each student who participated in this contest demonstrated their creativity by coming up with a theme for their picture, and drawing something positive about themselves. We know when children are given the opportunity and recognized for their positive contributions, they have higher self-esteem, they do better in school, they make better choices and they can see a positive future ahead of them.

On May 19, Julie Spindler, VMH Prevention Coordinator, presented five students with prizes for their creativity with the theme, and their artwork. Family, friends, teachers, and principals were invited to attend the reception for the winners. The winners of this year’s art contest are:

1st Place is Alaina Harding from Harris Elementary. Mrs. Jewkes is her teacher, and her parents are Stacy and Jason Harding.

2nd Place is Lauren Peterson from Middle Canyon Elementary. Her teacher is Mrs. Lambert, and her parents are Robert and Amy Peterson.

3rd Place is Heather Page from Copper Canyon Elementary. Ms. Speigle is her teacher and her parents are Heidi and Kent Page.

Two-way tie for 4th place:

4th Place is Grace Jewkes from Copper Canyon Elementary. Ms. Speigle is her teacher, and her parents are Stacy and Lance Jewkes.

4th Place is Lainee Vaughn from Willow Elementary. Her teacher is Mrs. McKeever, and her parents are Brittany and Aaron Vaughn.

Valley Behavioral Health would like to thank all of the students who participated in the contest, parents for their support, the teachers and principals who promoted this contest in their classrooms and schools, and Superintendent Rogers for allowing the contest to take place in the Tooele County School District. A special thanks to the Tooele City Library for hosting and displaying the art.

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