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May 16, 2019
Volunteers plant 30 new trees to ‘thrive and shade’ Porter Way Park

An Eagle Scout candidate, a homebuilder, TreeUtah and community volunteers joined efforts last Saturday to plant 30 new trees in Stansbury Park soil.

Volunteers spent Saturday morning planting the Ivory Home donated trees in Porter Way Park, located northwest of Benson Gristmill.

Ty Smart, an Erda ninth-grader pursuing his Eagle Scout award, tackled the community project. In addition to coordinating the various entities, he rounded up over 50 volunteers for the planting.

“Volunteers showed up full of enthusiasm,” said Stansbury Service Agency Manager Gary Jensen. “The efforts of all parties involved in this project was incredible. Everything came together without a hiccup.”

Smart said, “Most of the volunteers came from my ward. But a few were friends from my school and people just coming to give service.”

Agency crews spent several hours earlier in the week digging the holes, and providing soil preparation and fertilizer pellets to help the young trees adapt more quickly to their new environment. 

Agency crews will hand water regularly to assist growth and survival of the trees in their new permanent home. 

Organizers selected trees that will display a variety of colors, shapes and future shade for the 28-acre park in upcoming years.

Varieties include sensation box elder, capalpa, Redmund linden, ginko biloba, expresso coffee tree, and prairie fire crabapple. 

Ian Piesner of TreeUtah, who hauled the trees from Oregon, conducted an on-site workshop to inform volunteers on proper planting techniques. He holds a master’s degree in environmental humanities. 

TreeUtah, a non-profit organization, seeks to improve Utah quality of life by enhancing through tree planting, stewardship and education.

Smart initiated the community project by contacting Ivory Homes, one of his dad’s clients.

“Our goal of planting 30,000 trees in Utah is really about unifying local communities, improving air quality, and enhancing the beauty of our state,” said Emmeline Hoover, tree initiative coordinator for Ivory Homes.

She says Ivory is tackling the major statewide project because “It’s our responsibility to make the world better. It’s where we live and raise our children.”

Hoover expressed appreciation to TreeUtah for its expertise in helping volunteers and communities learn how to properly plant and care for the donated trees.

“We are also so thankful to partner with Ty Smart as he took such a great lead to organize all the volunteers for his Eagle Scout project in coordination with the Stansbury Service Agency.  

“We are excited to see how these trees thrive and shade Porter Way Park in the years to come,” Hoover said.

She added, “We are in search of projects that will best benefit your community and help us have a lasting impact by improving roadsides, ecological environments, and public green spaces.

Jensen noted that because of the success of Saturday’s event, TreeUtah expressed interest in future tree planting projects in Stansbury Park.

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