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October 4, 2018
Voter information flyer, ballots will soon be in your mailbox

All registered voters in Tooele County will receive their General Election ballot in the mail the third week of October. While this style of voting creates more work for the Tooele County Clerk’s office, the results have been wonderful. 

In the Primary Election four years ago, with the same offices on the ballot as this year, the turnout was 12.3 percent. In the June Primary this year, the turnout was 51 percent! I am looking forward to seeing how we blow the numbers out of the water for the General Election.

Please watch for a Voter Information Flyer that will be mailed to each household before the ballots. It has election information, as well as information on the two county-wide propositions: Proposition 6 – Change of Government Optional Plan, and Proposition 16 – Authorizing the county to impose quarter-of-one percent sales and use tax for the specific purpose of funding a system for public transit.  

There are some important deadlines coming up: Oct. 9 is the last day we can accept mail-in registrations and registration drives. Oct. 22 is the last day a person can register to vote in person and vote early. Oct. 30 is the last day a person can register to vote in person or on-line, but cannot early vote. 

There are several important items to read on the Elections page of the Clerk’s website. You can see a sample of your ballot, candidate profiles, maps showing where the ballot boxes are located, as well as polling locations for those who have problems with the ballot that was mailed to them. 

Also, the polling locations will have ballot marking devices for disabled voters or voters who have trouble reading, writing, etc. Beginning Oct. 31, financial forms for all candidates will be available on the Elections page. See for more information. 

On the county auditor’s side, there are a number of entities considering raising taxes for 2019. Along with the tax bill you receive at the end of October, there will be parcel-specific notices letting you know how much the taxes could be raised. Those entities are Tooele County Assessing and Collecting, General Fund, Municipal Services and Health Department. Also the Stansbury Service Agency Recreation and Greenbelt and the North Tooele Fire District. The dates for the public hearings will be listed on the parcel-specific notice.

Watch for the Voter Information Flyer and your ballots in the mail.

Marilyn Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk/Auditor

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