Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

October 11, 2016
Want to recycle?

Time is running out to sign up for curbside recycling. We have less than three weeks, but we are over halfway there. As of Monday, over 1,100 had signed. That’s over half, but the first half is always the easy part.

We have been told the program will not be implemented unless a sufficient percentage want it. Roughly 2,000 customers need to agree or the effort is dead.

If you haven’t decided, or are hesitating for some reason, you have a few things to consider. If you are concerned about cost, but you currently have two cans, using one recycling container will save you money. Another thing to consider is that you can only sign up now. If the program begins, the next time you can join is January 2018.

What do you have to lose? For only $6 or less per month, try it for a year. Recycling is so easy and it will become automatic, you will wonder why you hesitated. Also, it’s the right thing to do. Please do not neglect to do this.

Barbara Vogel


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