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image Photo shows Stansbury Park’s sewer lagoons. Tooele County is working on an agreement with Stansbury Park Improvement District to provide future wastewater treatment for Deseret Peak Compex and Utah Motorsports Campus.

March 16, 2017
Wastewater deal reached by county, Tooele City

City will continue to provide sewer service for Deseret Peak Complex and racetrack while county pursues regional plan 

Tooele County and Tooele City have reached an agreement that will keep wastewater flowing from county-owned property to the city for treatment.

The Tooele County Commission and Tooele City Mayor Patrick Dunlavy signed an interlocal agreement specifying the conditions under which the city will continue to provide sewer service to Deseret Peak Complex and Utah Motorsports Campus.

The agreement was signed Wednesday, the deadline Tooele City gave the county commission to sign an agreement with either Grantsville City or another entity to provide sewer services for Deseret Peak and UMC.

The city providing sewer services to both facilities was always intended to be a temporary solution, according to Dunlavy. Both facilities have always been outside of the city’s limits.

In 2014 Grantsville City annexed Deseret Peak and then Miller Motorsports Park with the support of the county commission. The county owns both properties.

At the time of annexation, Grantsville and Tooele County entered into an interlocal agreement for water and future sewer service for Deseret Peak. Grantsville has provided water to the recreation facility since 2003.

Tooele County paid Grantsville City $280,000 for construction of a sewer line that can service both Deseret Peak and UMC. But since then the county has decided not to connect to that line because it includes expensive electric pump lift stations, according to Tooele County Commissioner Myron Bateman.

“The county will save money by connecting to the regional system for northern Tooele Valley,” Bateman said.

Actual costs for the county to use the sewer line to Grantsville, compared to the connection to the Stansbury Park Improvement District, are not available from either entity at this time.

A wastewater regionalization study completed for the county by the Midvale-based engineering  group of Hansen Allen and Luce concluded that the gravity fed  SPID connection will result in lower operating costs because of energy costs related to operating lift stations associated with pumping wastewater to Grantsville’s lagoons.

That regional system came into focus at 2 p.m. Wednesday when the county commission approved an agreement with SPID to provide future wastewater treatment for northern Tooele Valley, including Erda, Deseret Peak and UMC (See related front-page story).

The county commission is confident that a sewer line can be built connecting Deseret Peak and UMC with SPID by the end of 2017. The commissioners are working out options for financing the sewer line, which will most likely include participation by major users that are expected to tie in to the line in the near future, according to Tooele County Commissioner Shawn Milne.

Under the agreement with Tooele City, the county will pay regular wastewater rates plus 15 percent, and an additional $5,000 per month. The county also agreed to pay past due wastewater user fees of $4,398.

The city’s regular wastewater rate is a $7 per month base fee plus $2 per month for each 750 gallons of water consumed. Because Deseret Peak and UMC  do not use city water, the city meters each facility’s waste water flow and charges the county $2 per every 750 gallons.

According to the agreement, the additional monthly $5,000 fee represents that portion of property, sales and other taxes anticipated to be collected by Toele County from Deseret Peak and UMC that would otherwise go to Tooele City were both facilities located within the city’s corporate limits.

The agreement expires Dec. 31, 2017. Either party may terminate the agreement without cause with 90-days notice. Tooele City may terminate the agreement with 30-days notice for specified causes, such as failure to pay fees or if the capacity of the sewer line is needed to serve customers within Tooele City limits.

In the event that Tooele County asks the 3rd District Court to approve the disconnection or de-annexation of Deseret Peak and UMC from Grantsville City, the agreement will expire in 30 days if the court rules against the county.

Staff writers Steve Howe and Mark Watson also contributed to this story.

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