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September 22, 2009
Water fountains at SHS hard to come by

Ah, that new school smell. The long summer wait is over as students from all around the county have come to be a part of the new Stansbury High School.

For maybe the first time ever I was excited to get back to school, and for good reason. SHS is one spectacular place. School spirit is everywhere you look and everyone is thrilled to be a part of the first-ever student body at the new school.

It seems perfect, but it holds a sinister secret only those who attend the school know about. It’s dark, it’s scary, and it comes in the form of drinking water fountains, or to be more correct, the lack thereof.

A small crevice in such a perfect structure may not seem like a big deal, but you’d think if you walked the entire top floor that you’d eventually find a water fountain — guess again. Not a single drinking fountain exists on the second floor of the school, and for that matter there aren’t many on the first floor either.

This doesn’t effect everyone, but if you’re like me and six of your eight classes are on the top floor, this is a major inconvenience. One may constantly find themselves going into a mad dash to get water before the bell rings, or end up using a hall pass until your teachers are sure you’re not doing anything other than what you say you are. These are just the few occurrences I’ve started to get used to at SHS.

The temporary solution to all of this is to bring your own water bottles. The problem is you can’t refill your water — because you’re on the second floor. My alternative is to start packing water bottles with me everywhere I go, which seems a little difficult as I’m already carrying along all my textbooks and class papers, which are with me at just about every momen t anyway. The best chance someone has of getting a refill of water is during their lunch hour, but by then your hunger has far taken up thirst on a list of priorities. Other than that your best chance would be to stock up before classes start.

Unfortunately, all SHS students will have to deal with the shortage of water fountains on the top floor until it’s all completed — hopefully sooner rather than later. Until then I’ll walk the halls with a dry mouth, my school pride, and perhaps an empty water bottle.

But all things considered, SHS is truly an amazing school, and no lack of water fountains is even close to enough to change that from being fact.

Samuel Clark is a junior at Stansbury High School.

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