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August 19, 2014
Water line break impacts Stansbury project

Residents of Stansbury Park’s Island found themselves surrounded by a little more water than usual last Thursday when a water main broke at the same time as a rainstorm hit.

Randall Jones, manager of the Stansbury Service Agency, said the water pipe broke while construction crews were doing some scheduled maintenance on the portion of Lakeview that goes in and out of the area known as the Island.

“This was scheduled work that the county had planned to do,” he said. “They were working on it and just as they were putting the final grade on it, they hit a water line.”

Brett Palmer, manager of the Stansbury Park Improvement District, said the pipe itself wasn’t broken; fittings between the pipes were forced out of place by the impact of the roadwork.

“They didn’t actually dig into it. In the 1970s when they put the waterline in, they used stainless steel T-fittings,” he said. “They’re just push-on to make the connection with the rubber gasket, and they weren’t made very good.”

Palmer said the contractors used a pump to help drain the water from the road into the lake, and SPID crews used a pump of their own to drain the water from the hole where they were fixing the pipe.

However, Palmer said, heavy downpours exacerbated the situation, flooding the hole and the road with water from above as well as from below.

“That was a bad deal because it rained and the waterline broke at the same time,” he said.

Running water was shut off to the area from about noon to 8:30 p.m., he said.

Residents trying to get on and off the Island had to navigate the watery road, and occasionally crews had to stop repairs and move equipment so vehicles could pass, Palmer said.

No homes were flooded by the leak, though there was one report of a house that flooded after a faucet was left on while the main water line was turned off for repairs. 

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