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December 17, 2019
We are the problem

This is in response to a recent letter to the editor titled, “Bring your own bag.” This whole single-use plastic bag issue has a sordid history. We lived in Northern California many years ago when the “plastic not paper” revolution began. Society was killing too many trees, using them to make paper bags, paper/wood products in general. The world was going to end because of it — or sort of. Logging was tearing down the canopy that protected the soil, vegetation, little Bambi from everything. It was a tirade against industrial logging. Tree huggers, environmentalists were lined up at state Legislatures up and down the west coast screaming for reform! Plastic was the answer! No more paper bags! No more wood products! We must use plastic! 

Here we are many years later now decrying single-use plastic bags, plastic straws. Disposable plastic in general. Again, the environmentalists are screaming this will be the doom of the planet because plastic never dies!

Once again agenda driven groups have pumped themselves and followers into a frenzy to save the world. Or make more money. Or have more control over our daily lives not really caring or knowing if what they are pushing will or will not work. There is always one thing in common: money will cure the problem. Most often money to fund a global cabal of self-acclaimed experts. Money “donated” from the wealthier countries. Money from individuals’ tax dollars.

The simple fact is, if humanity would just work with nature, things would be fine. Most everything the governments have come up with to “protect” the environment is a total failure. Massive wildfires in California have a common governmental cause: way too much ground cover. You can’t pick that fallen wood government proclaims! You’ll affect the environment! You can drive through Kamas into the Unitas. As you do you see massive areas of dead or dying trees. The result of the government’s over forestation and unwillingness to allow thinning through logging. Government has built a “freeway” of intertwined limbs for bug/insects, disease to travel, uninterrupted from Canada south, east and west.

We — society — are the problem. We fail to recognize the absolute power and beauty of nature, and the failure of government. I would strongly suggest you read a piece written by Michael Crichton called “You think you can destroy the planet?” It’s a very, very powerful piece. Single-use plastic, over-used plastic are bad things. But an ignorant society is even more dangerous to our environment.

Louis Duquette


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