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March 3, 2020
We have a woodshed

After viewing the headliner of the Transcript Bulletin Thursday, I couldn’t help but admire the tactics used by the school district in their campaign in raising taxes for all those new school edifices they relate that we are sorely in need of. There is even a picture there with a vacant field and sign relating that this is the spot where the future site of a Tooele High School is projected to be located in the future. Enlisting the help of the local print medium is also a very wise choice in this endeavor. 

My elementary school was 70 years old. It was stoked by a coal furnace. We had a large playground with 6 swings, a teeter totter, and a jungle gym for 800 kids. There was one teacher per class of about 32 children without the benefit of a teacher’s aid. The teachers took our papers home and graded them with lengthy narratives and suggestions on how we could improve. Our teachers were a product of the Depression and were glad to have a job. Those teachers of yesteryear were role models. We made do.

I was glad, however, after reading Thursday’s paper, that the school district was utilizing pods in correcting a recognized building inadequacy. This is what we call making do. What about all those “vacant” buildings that the county has recently purchased?

When one recognizes that Tooele seems to suffer from an insecurity complex, one can sometimes understand the overreaction dealt at the hand of the school district. We get a large tax base from facilities that destroy human remains; we are the site for the nasty stuff that goes on at Dugway Proving Ground, including bomb runs, smell the effervescence of MAG Corp; and still bear the stigma of hosting the site where the atomic bomb was developed at Deseret Chemical Depot, among others.

We have a woodshed adjoining our hen house I would be willing to let the school district use free of charge. They could teach a class on the “advantages of poultry production in a residential environment” or something equally erudite and cool.

It would be suggested that we use the money set apart for structural eye wash and allot it to deserving and efficient teachers, say at a beginning salary of $125,000 a year. We could then watch the rush to work in the Tooele School district and observe Tooele County’s ATC scores soar way above the national average. Does this make sense?

Ralph E. Pierce



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