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April 12, 2016
We need recycling

I would like to comment on Frances Arbon’s letter to the editor about the lack of recycling possibilities in Tooele. Arbon states that they recycle in Grantsville and they do the same in Stansbury. What is the problem? Shouldn’t Tooele City recycle as well?

Most people want to recycle, but it’s not always convenient. Until a month ago, the schools provided paper recycling bins for the school itself and the community. We no longer have that option. My paper and cardboard have been stacking up. I have nowhere to take it. So I will put it in the garbage can and now it will go to the landfill. I ask you: Is this responsible? What are we going to do when the landfill is full?

We need recycling bins at our houses. If a person or family doesn’t want to pay the extra $5 for a green bin, then they can opt out. It’s that simple. However, there are many homes that pay for an extra black garbage bin. If they paid for the recycling bin, they would at least be doing the decent thing, rather than sending everything to the landfill.

The rest of the world has decided that recycling is necessary. We generate a lot of recyclable products in America. The next time you go to the grocery store, notice the recycling symbols. More than likely the package has been made of recycled materials. This is the case with paper and plastic products. Therefore, shouldn’t we be recycling the paper and plastic in Tooele?

Speaking of plastic products, I bundle up a bag of plastic each week and take it to my daughter’s house in Murray. They pick up recycle bins once a week.

Diane Quist


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