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January 18, 2022
We need to recognize our twisted ethics about the value of God’s gift of life

Recently we had another child born into our growing family. That gave my wife and I the wonderful milestone of being great-grandparents, even though we feel we are far too young to carry that designation. Of course that means we may well be around to see some of our great-great-grandchildren. Wow!

There is usually great joy in a family when a new one enters the world. The family line continues to expand, and that continuation brings about a sense of family immortality. I have pictures of my great-grandparents from the late 1800s. I read letters written by my great-great-grandparents and their contemporary relatives, and it gives me a sense of continuity — in both directions. I am firmly connected to both the past and the future. I know that even if the world doesn’t remember me, which it won’t, many in my family will for many generations to come. It also means I was here, and that I made a difference of sorts.

But not all life is considered so precious. Many people never see the light of day because they are aborted in the shadow of the womb. In a way, they were never here; they never had the chance to make a difference. As I think about that I wonder how many people who participate in abortion would prefer having been aborted themselves, and I must firmly conclude — not many.

Many people don’t talk about abortion, so they probably think abortion is not that common. In truth, last year the number of children aborted were about one child aborted for every four children that were born. That means we are aborting about 20 percent of our unborn children.

In a few days many in our nation will commemorate the “Sanctity of Human Life Day.” Why will they do that? First of all, the Bible tells us God is the Creator of life. He has given us our children as gifts to be cherished and nurtured. Secondly, even though we are a secular nation, our founding fathers recognized this truth. That is why it says in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” 

God has given us the right to life, and our founding fathers recognized that, and no one has the right to take life away, at least not without “due process of law” as it says in the Fifth Amendment as well as other amendments in the US Constitution. There is no due process in abortion. The child is found guilty of the crime of being inconvenient or unwanted, and is summarily executed, usually in a horrendously violent and painful process to the child.

I speak or write about this issue from time to time, and I always have to do so carefully, and with respect. I say that because many in our nation, most really, have been deceived about the precious nature of life, and when the “unborn” actually becomes a “person.” Therefore I have to be thoughtful and respectful of the tens of millions of women who have had an abortion because many of them, possibly most of them over the last 49 years, have been told since they were little that the “unborn” are not really people. Sadly that is just not true, but that is what they have been told.

When does a person become a person? That is the question so many want to dance around, but if you consider the laws in most states you discover that the unborn are already considered “persons.” I say that because if you kill a pregnant woman in most states you can be charged with a double homicide. Think about that. You cannot “murder” an animal, or a “thing.” You can kill an animal, you can destroy a “thing,” but you can only murder a “person.” So if a woman is on her way to an abortion clinic to have an abortion, and someone murders her before she gets there they can be charged with a double “murder.” But, if she arrives at the clinic the doctor can murder the unborn with no consequences.

Speaking of murderers, the way we abort the unborn compared to the way we execute murderers is unconscionable. In states where they still execute people, murderers are treated far more humanely than the child who is aborted. You have to be kind and gentle, causing no undue trauma to a violent convicted murderer as you execute them, but you can literally and painfully rip the unborn apart to remove them from the womb. What kind of twisted ethic is that? How in the name of anything can we claim to be a nation that values life?

I recognize that not every woman is ready to have a child, but the fact is once they are pregnant a person is alive in the womb. Many people want to frame this issue as people wanting to take away from the woman a right to choose. That is not the case. What we are trying to bring to light is the child’s right to live.

What many supporters of abortion say they are trying to promote are “safe abortions.” What you need to realize is that there is no such thing as a “safe abortion,” because every abortion ends with the death of a child; a child who only wanted what its intended mother already has — the chance to live, the chance to make a difference.

That really goes to the point many make that life and personhood begin much earlier than abortion advocates would have you believe, which makes the case that we are not aborting “things,” we are aborting “people.”

Jon McCartney is pastor of First Baptist Church of Tooele.

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