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June 15, 2017
Weeds, use of Stansbury Lake focus of SPSA meeting

Stansbury Lake was the focus of public comments at the Stansbury Park Service Agency meeting Wednesday night, with concerns aired about lake use by non-residents and an overabundance of weeds in the lake.

Stansbury Park Service Agency manager Randall Flynn told a packed Stansbury Park Clubhouse that the lake level has fallen about 5 inches due to a malfunction with the pump in the Mill Pond. The pump is badly damaged to the point Flynn said it may have been struck by lightning.

He also said the lake mower, which has been out on Stansbury Lake since before Memorial Day, was not in use for several days. The volunteered truck needed to pull the offloading trailer for the cut weeds died and was unusable until it could be repaired, so there was nowhere to put the weeds.

Flynn said the custom conveyer system to remove lake weeds from the boat to a trailer on shore is still under construction. The base is complete but smaller mechanical components are required to finish it, he said.

The atypically large crowd for the meeting brought up a number of concerns about the lake during the public comment period of Wednesday’s meeting. Steve Desmond said the lake weeds have become an increasing problem over the past few years and are impairing recreation.

“The lake is virtually unusable for recreation like boating, kayaking

“It’s so bad now down in the area where I live that if you’re out there on a kayak or paddleboard, if you stop paddling, you stop,” Desmond said. “You aren’t going to move on the lake.”

Margo Huddleston also raised concerns about non-residents use of the lake, which is considered private to residents. She said in talking with people using the lake, she found visitors from outside the community and county.

“The invasion has started,” Huddleston said. “We need to find really constructive ways to deal with this issue.”

Huddleston recommended more visible signage to show the lake is private and having some sort of personnel for enforcement. The service agency board discussed the private status of the lake and possible legal challenges as it is owned and managed by a public entity, during several meetings last year.

Other residents also suggested citing non-residents for trespassing for using the lake, getting larger garbage cans to accommodate bigger trash like pizza boxes and ensuring golf course ponds remain full throughout the year. Residents also volunteered to help with lake weed removal, including hosting a lake cleanup day.

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