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January 14, 2013
Week of January 14, 2013

• On Jan. 18, 1803, in a secret message to Congress, President Thomas Jefferson requests funding for the Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the mysterious Far West and perhaps find a Northwest Passage to the Pacific. Jefferson officially asked Congress for $2,500, though some sources indicate the expedition ultimately cost closer to $50,000.


• On Jan. 14, 1875, theologian, musician, philosopher and Nobel Prize-winning physician Albert Schweitzer is born in Upper-Alsace, Germany. Schweitzer’s philosophy revolved around what he called “reverence for life,” the idea that all life must be respected and loved.


• On Jan. 19, 1883, two steamers, the Cimbria and the Sultan, collide in heavy fog in the North Sea, resulting in the deaths of 357 people. For those who did not make it into a lifeboat, the cold water was deadly. Hypothermia and drowning claimed hundreds of lives within minutes.


• On Jan. 16, 1942, actress Carole Lombard, famous for her roles in screwball comedies such as “My Man Godfrey” and for her marriage to actor Clark Gable, is killed when the TWA DC-3 plane she is traveling in crashes en route from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.


• On Jan. 15, 1951, Ilse Koch, wife of the commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp, is sentenced to life imprisonment in a court in West Germany for her extraordinary sadism. The “Witch of Buchenwald” collected lampshades, book covers and gloves made from the skin of tattooed camp prisoners.


• On Jan. 17, 1966, an American B-52 bomber collides with a KC-135 jet tanker over Spain’s Mediterranean coast, dropping three 70-kiloton hydrogen bombs near the town of Palomares and another into the sea. The U.S. eventually settled some 500 claims by residents whose health was adversely affected.


• On Jan. 20, 1980, President Jimmy Carter proposes that the 1980 Summer Olympics be moved from the planned host city, Moscow, if the Soviet Union failed to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan within a month. The United States was one of some 60 countries that eventually boycotted the Moscow Olympics.

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