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August 4, 2020
Welcome Switchpoint

We welcome Switchpoint to Tooele County. 

As reported in the Tooele Transcript Bulletin, Tooele County has entered into an agreement with Switchpoint Services, a nonprofit organization based in St. George, to operate the Tooele County Food Bank, Relief Services, and the Domestic Violence Shelter.

Switchpoint has a successful track record of operating these and other human services in St. George.

During an October 2019 Homeless Summit meeting at the Tooele County Building, Carol Hollowell, Switchpoint’s executive director, said “Switchpoint does not provide a ‘Band-Aid’ approach but works to relieve the cause of homelessness.”

In St. George, Switchpoint operates a community garden, food pantry, thrift store, doggie day care, and a rapid rehousing program through its 24-hour, seven-days a week facility.

It also provides access to computers, shower facilities, a community soup kitchen, and an emergency shelter.

Clients earn what they receive by volunteering at Switchpoint’s programs. While volunteering, clients develop job skills so they can support themselves.

Classes on subjects like behavior therapy, recovery awareness, strengthening families, financial planning, and life skills are taught at Switchpoint’s center in St. George.

Switchpoint has made an offer on the currently vacant Harris Elementary building,with the hope of converting it to a facility like what they have in St. George.

When it comes to finances, Switchpoint practices what it preaches in their own operation, according to David Dangerfield, president of Friends of Switchpoint.

According to Dangerfield, Switchpoint’s goal is to limit their reliance on government grants to 50% of their revenue. The rest comes from donations and revenue from micro-industries like their Thrift Store.

“These provide an opportunity for clients to learn soft job skills, work to earn credit for assistance — learning self-reliance,” Dangerfield said. “They also provide us with income for our operation, so we too can be more self-reliant instead of being dependent on government support.”

Since July 1, Switchpoint has assisted 224 households in Tooele County with food. They have taken in 24,243 pounds of food donations and distributed over 12,354 pounds of food. A total of nine adults and five children were sheltered at the Domestic Violence Pathways Shelter. A total of 200 volunteers from Tooele County donated 700 hours of service to Switchpoint’s Tooele Thrift Store.

We welcome this public and private partnership to help all Tooeleans who may be struggling to achieve independence.

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