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June 21, 2016
Well worth keeping

I am usually not one who publicly endorses a candidate for office. But as I read the Transcript Bulletin’s article the other day, and as I spoke with those who attended the Tooele County Commission debate, it was clear the commissioner candidates agree more than they disagree; therefore, I thought that I would make an endorsement.

I have not always been happy about every decision Shawn Milne has made as commissioner. Of course, I could say that regarding my wife (I pray she isn’t reading this). In fact, I am sure that is true about virtually everyone who is in public office.

But, I have taken the time to meet with Shawn and discuss our differences, and I have found him to be open and amenable to explaining his decisions, something many elected officials aren’t so willing to do. I was glad to discover that the decisions he made were well thought out, and were good for our community after all.

In addition to doing his homework on complicated issues, he is willing to consult others to gain different perspectives. Not least, he is an extremely hard worker.

Thus, I believe that of the three candidates running, Shawn is well worth keeping as one of our commissioners.  If you meet with him, I believe you will agree.

Jon McCartney


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