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January 23, 2020
Wellness and Community Center wants Tooele to be ‘known for art’

Tooele Valley Community and Wellness Center offers 15 different stores and shops, varying from art studios to salons.

Located at 140 E. 200 South in Tooele, the center is owned by Dusty and Lyle Kingston, and Kimm and Cami Andersen. It has been open for four years.

 During the last half of 2019, The Community Center began to grow by adding more shops and events.

 “It has just been in these last few months, maybe since September, that we’ve really started to see a huge turn around and people started to acknowledge the stuff we do here,” Dusty Kingston said.

The owners want art to be the focus of all of the shops. 

“Right now, there are 15 shops,” Kingston said. “All of the shops vary but we try and keep our focus around art. Art can be pretty much anything from creativity to how you express yourself.”

As of now the shops include: an art gallery, an organic tea room, a tattoo studio, rock shops, facials and waxing, foot zoning, and others. 

“We even have a virtual gaming room, which is pretty cool,” Kingston said. “Not many people know that the gaming room is here.”

The owners also host events. On the first Saturday of each month, there is a community market that takes place inside the center. The market typically runs from 11 a.m to 4 p.m. Individuals from the community set up booths for a fee of $20-$25 and can sell art or products they make at home. 

“There is so much talent in this town,” Kingston said. “We want people to realize that.”

There will be an Easter egg hunt on April 11, and in June the center will celebrate Dino Days, which includes a bird and reptile show. The center also does a Christmas walkthrough where the community can get pictures for free with different Christmas characters. 

“We started Dino Days last year,” Kingston said. “The kids can walk through this area with life-sized dinosaurs and see them. The admission price to our events is only one can of food.”

The Tooele Valley Wellness and Community Center is usually open Tuesday-Saturday generally in the afternoon and evening. Certain stores, and salons are open by appointment only.

The center is looking for someone to teach local children music for free. 

“We have many musical instruments and we have a room ready to go, but we just need to find a teacher who will do it for free,” Kingston said.

Monthly room rental rates typically range from $300 for a smaller room to $600 for a larger room. However, the owners do not charge for the first month’s rent. For more information, call Kingston at 801-910-3751.

“We want Tooele to be known for art. Art makes people get along,” he said.


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