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October 30, 2012
Wendover Airport does benefit county

A recent letter to the editor by Veronica Herrera (“Eliminating hazmat was a mistake,” Oct. 23) points out the need for more understanding about the Wendover Airport. She asks, what do we get out of the Wendover Airport? The airport is an enterprise business of the county and the objective is for it to stand on its own financially. It is one of only a couple of county departments that pays for its operations with business revenue, not taxes. In 2012, as in some previous years, the airport did not need tax revenue to sustain its operations. So if the airport doesn’t cost the county money, what does it provide? Fuel tax revenues are returned to the state for use in the Utah Department of Transportation. Visitors to the historic site use Utah motels and room tax revenue is returned to the county. The gun range on the airport is regularly used by Tooele County Sheriff’s deputies and the airport is used for police and SWAT training every year. As the historic elements are developed, Tooele County will increasingly be recognized as the most original World War II Army Air Forces training site in the country, which will bring even more tourism to Tooele County. The annual air show hosts thousands of people who use Tooele County motels, buy gas at Tooele County businesses and enjoy the benefits of the airport.  Significant federal and private grants have improved the airport at no cost to Tooele County taxpayers. So, yes, the airport very much benefits Tooele County.


James Petersen

Wendover Airfield Director

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