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July 31, 2018
What a crock

Nearly 2,800 signatures in opposition to the proposed high-density development in Stansbury Park have been deemed illegitimate on a technicality. I gathered signatures myself and had a county detective in my house two weeks later questioning me. All because I failed to sign the back of a signature sheet I was given by one of the petitioners. The petitioner must not have known that stipulation either or they would have given me that instruction from the start, or at the very least, when I turned the sheet back in. Otherwise, why would anyone knowingly negate a petition voiding the very cause of the endeavor?

I am not against high-density developments. But why in this particular area, right at the gateway to Stansbury Park? There is green grass, hills and water. This area is now, and has been for years, used by many locals of Tooele County for walking, cooling off in the pond, and especially for sledding in the winter. It is the only close place for families to take or drop off their kids to play.

From my understanding, 27 names were disqualified. That still left enough to make the November ballot. So from that, I can only speculate that pressure from the developer and the fear of, once again, being sued, the county opted to just disregard the other 2,700 signatures. Not to mention the other thousands who would have had a chance to vote in November.

What a crock, I say.

Rob Johnson

Stansbury Park

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