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March 27, 2018
What is feminism?

Feminism has been spreading rampant throughout America. We hear people say that feminism is fighting for equality, but we don’t see that. For most of us, we see feminists as crazy women, or people whom only fight for women. Those people are actually radical feminists, and the smallest subgroup of all the feminists.

The largest group is actually filled with people who do want true equality. But the reality is that most people in that group actually do not consider themselves as feminists, but instead as equalists — someone who wants and/or fights for equality. The main difference is that they will also fight for men’s equality and not just for women’s.

I believe that if we only fight for women (and/or minorities), then we really aren’t fighting for equality. I believe the only way we can say we are fighting for equality is if we will also fight for those who are seen to be in the majority. When we fight for more women in the workplace, we can also fight for more men in “women’s” jobs. Even just fighting for society to not see those jobs as only for women would be a huge improvement.

I would also argue that we (equalists) should fight for the most qualified person to get the job and not see it as creating a more equal workplace, but rather a more successful workplace.

Emily Cox


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