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December 25, 2012
Where a Snowman Lives

by Anne Johnson



Once upon a wintry day,

When all the world is white,

Snowflakes falling all around

It’s such a wondrous sight.


Each snowflake that hits the ground

Has so much life to give.

For in that snow, each tiny flake

Is where a snowman lives.


A snowman is a special friend

To warm a winter’s day.

They come to life so easily

When little children play.


Three balls of snow, two eyes of coal,

A carrot for a nose,

A smile of rocks, a knitted hat,

A scarf that has been chose.


Two strong arms made of sticks

With mittens at the ends,

Truly add a special touch

To complete our winter friend.


And when in time, the sun does come,

And melting has to start,

We know our special winter friend

Will live within our heart.


Then once again on a winter’s day

When snow the storm does give,

We’ll smile, for in each tiny flake

Is where a snowman lives.

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