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December 12, 2017
Where else can you get the view except from the top of the hill?

We stood on a hill looking out at the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains and Utah Lake. It was an inspiring sight to behold. Our conversation and the view triggered another chain of mental gymnastics in my head.

We had come to this particular site of our own free will. There was nothing wrong with it. It was beautiful and would make a new owner happy.

“We bought it and we just never stopped looking!” said my friend Phil Grimm as we talked.

One of the things I admire about Phil is that he’s always looking for ways to do things better, ways to improve. And, he does it freely, without being forced by other people or circumstance.  His focus is always on the result.

Living with the result of our actions is something we all do, for sure. Phil’s approach to life results reveals an important secret. Here is his secret broken down into five steps. See if following them can make a difference in your life.

First, determine the outcome you’re seeking in advance. Phil does this by gathering lots of information. He never hesitates to interview as many people as necessary until he believes he understands what he wants to accomplish and how to get there. Then he jumps right in.

Second, don’t worry about getting wet. “When you decide what you want, ‘nail it and scale it!’” Phil said to me once. When a person decides to swim across a deep pool, she needs to jump in and get swimming. She can’t get to the other side by only getting her feet wet. Once fully covered in water, a swimmer still has lots of options, strokes they can use to get to the other side.  So, jumping in won’t stop you if you’ve taken the time to learn different strokes before getting in the water. You’ll be able to swim around obstacles as they appear.

Third, expect obstacles. Things always change once you start down any path. “Obstacles are something to expect!” Phil said. Obstacles are really a chance to gather more information and make change for the better. Listen to the people that surround you in two ways: Listen to their words and look for signs revealing obstacles you may be blind to.

Fourth, don’t be blind to the feedback you receive. When you’re not getting expected results, results you expect or believe you deserve, it’s easy to point fingers and blame everyone else.  Even when others aren’t saying, “I don’t want to work with you,” they may be saying it in nonverbal ways. “Look for the messages, then accept them easily so you can allow them to propel you forward as you make adjustments!” Phil said.

Fifth, make life and business adjustments by choice. Perhaps this is Phil’s greatest attribute.  Forced change always puts you at a disadvantage. Always! Following Phil’s Rules will open the way for greater success in a much shorter amount of time and with much less pain.

I followed Phil to the top of the hill recognizing that I might encounter some pain along the way.  Standing at the top of the hill with Phil, made me forget any pain I’d had to get there. Phil has shown me that deciding to get to a hilltop makes a real difference.

And where else can you get that view!

Lynn Butterfield lives in Erda and is a managing broker for a real estate company.

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