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April 11, 2017
Which theory is correct?

Reading yet again of the issues surrounding sewer hook-ups and wastewater management for the Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) and Deseret Peak Complex (March 16 Transcript Bulletin) raises huge concerns about the governance of Tooele County.

I can think of only two explanations for the ongoing debate over which government entity will provide long term services for the two county owned facilities.

The first is complete and utter incompetence.

What else do you call spending $280,000 on a sewer line that is “too expensive” to hook into and use? Or how do you explain paying a $5,000 per month additional fee to Tooele City to avoid using the new sewer line the county paid to build?

The other explanation is we are being lied to.

Could it be that the refusal to use the sewer line the county paid for to tie into the Grantsville system is really about regaining control of UMC and the tax revenue it will generate if/when it becomes a fully private business? Considering the county commission’s efforts to undo the annexation into Grantsville (which they supported), this is a very believable scenario.

We, as taxpayers, deserve an answer as to which theory is correct.

Drew L. Allen


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