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March 11, 2021
Why you should allow houseplants to take over your home

Throughout many cultures and years, people have been bringing plants into their homes for a variety of reasons, such as air purification, masking smells, and beautifying their home space. Although these are all valid reasons for purchasing house plants, there is a bigger, more inspiring reason to own house plants. Not only do plants purify our air, mask smells, and make our homes more beautiful but they are kind of comforting and just overall lovely.

About three years ago, I was browsing the internet and I saw some photos of people who had covered literally about 3/4ths of their home with house plants. I loved the way it looked, so I decided that I would purchase some plants but of course I knew I had to start off small, because not only did I not have the money to purchase hundreds of plants at one time, but I also didn’t know how to properly take care of them.

So, I started out by purchasing an aloe vera plant. I think an aloe is the easiest plant to start off with, because all they need is a big enough pot, a well-lit window, and some water once in a while to completely thrive. My little aloe started off as a very small little dude, about five inches wide, and now he is almost two feet wide! He holds a special place in my heart, because he was my first plant.

After the aloe, I purchased a Flaming Katy plant, which is a type of a succulent that blooms pretty flowers. This little plant looks really cute hanging by a window but they can actually survive through a variety of light conditions. The flowers that they produce really do make you happy. I now have three of these plants.

After the Flaming Katy I just started purchasing random plants and for a while there, my plant obsession kind of got out of hand. I was visiting Home Depot too regularly to purchase new house plants but the problem was that I was buying plants that were too advanced for my sad plant care skills, so I had to dial it back a little bit.

I have also made the mistake of buying toxic house plants. Although beautiful, many plants are toxic to my cats. So, I have to either hang the plants from the ceiling or put the plants up where the cats can’t get to them. It’s okay though, because the cats and the plants are safe.

My favorite plants that I have collected include my peace lily, a large corn plant, and a Golden Pothos. Currently, I am kind of obsessed with large plants that take up a lot of space, because they can really make you happy somehow.

With all of the plants that I have collected, some have died at my hand, (whoops), and some, that are not toxic to cats that I have left in places they can reach, have been eaten alive by the cats. Maybe they ate them because they did not like them invading their space, or perhaps they didn’t like how much of my attention the plants took up, but fortunately the cats have learned to just kind of vibe with the plants and learn to love them. Once in a while I do catch them biting at the plants though.

Now, after my few years of collecting, I have about 20 plants and I am still collecting. I love that when I walk into my home, I see these happy lovely plants thriving. It really makes me feel like I am taking care of something. House plants are at the mercy of whoever remembers to water them or repot them and I think that’s kind of a cool concept. We can choose whether or not to take care of them and if we don’t, they will die but if we do take good care of them, they will thrive and make us happy.


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