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October 31, 2013
Why you should vote in next week’s election

I have always found it interesting that voter turnout for  municipal elections is low, while for presidential elections it’s high. It is extremely important that we vote for the President of the United States, as well as our Senators and Congressmen. However, let’s talk about what effect local leaders have on our lives:

City and county officials set our property tax, local sales tax, utility tax, parks and arts tax, and RDAs. These taxes pay for police departments, the Sheriff’s Department, fire departments, parks, roads, infrastructure, etc. Whoever gets elected sets local laws and policies that we have to live with on a day to day basis.

So, please vote for the candidate of your choice in the General Election on Nov. 5. Make sure you vote for the candidate that represents your views and has a vision for your city that matches yours! If you’re not sure just who that candidate may be, please go to the clerk’s office website at There you can see a sample ballot, candidate biographies (for those who have submitted them) candidate financial forms, polling locations and times, directions to polling locations, etc.

To grab your attention, and allow you to see the polling location from a distance, there are new “feather flags” at the door to each polling location. The flags are 13’ tall and say “Vote Here” with the ADA symbol. The flags will be posted at the ADA door of each polling location the night before the election. A side benefit is they will hopefully direct all voters to come and vote! (The flags were paid for by a grant).

It’s a power thing. Vote!


Marilyn K. Gillette

Tooele County Clerk

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