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August 1, 2017
Wise and prudent

It is with great interest I have been following the study committee for future county government in Tooele County. I was able to attend one of the meetings and found the members to be genuinely interested in evaluating, and if needed, recommend changes to the current form. I have also watched with interest Stansbury Park and Lake Point moving to become incorporated cities, with the desire to control their own destiny, in particular where zoning, planning, development, etc. are concerned. As Stansbury Park and Lake Point continue to grow at the rapid rate they currently are, it is only a matter of time until they become incorporated cities.

One of the main responsibilities of the Tooele County Commissioners is the unincorporated areas of the county. At one time the estimated population of Tooele County was somewhere around 53,000. If the population of the incorporated areas, and considering future cities of Stansbury Park and Lake Point, are removed from that number, there are very few people the county is directly responsible for. Take the federal and state properties out of the 7,000 square miles of the county and most future development will take place in the incorporated areas.

That being the case, if it was decided to change the county form of government to five or seven, with the addition of a county administrator, it would appear to be adding additional expenses not needed in the future. Salt Lake County has already found this to be an issue. With the retirement of the Salt Lake County Recorder, the county leaders are considering alternatives to filling the vacant position in order to reduce cost.

I would hope that the study committee would continue to be both wise and prudent as they move forward.

Gene White


Former Tooele County Commissioner

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