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August 16, 2016
With property valuation notices mailed, the FAQs have begun

Property Valuation Notices went out last week. The notice shows you what your proposed property taxes will be in November. If you have not received your form, please contact me at as soon as possible.

For the many who have looked over their property valuation notice, let’s discuss some of the questions we’re hearing at the office:

• Why has my property increased? Property in Erda, Rush Valley and Stockton were reappraised this year, so those residents may see a change in their homes value.

• Who do I contact if I have questions on the value of my home? Call the Tooele County Assessor’s Office at 435-843-3480. They will be happy to answer your questions.

• What is the new Tooele County Health Tax? Rather than taking money out of the county’s General Fund for the health department, they have set their own mill levy for the first time. This money will go to support the many projects that help the citizens of Tooele County with their health issues.

• Are there any discounts on property tax for seniors or those with disabilities? There are a number of property tax abatements available for citizens, such as disabled Veterans, blind persons, low income with income less than $31,845 per year, and indigent. If you think you may qualify, please follow this link to the Auditor’s Abatement Page: There you will find the “Combined Tax Relief Application, as well as the “2016 Property Tax Abatement and Exemption Programs,” which explains each abatement. If you still have questions, please call my office at 435-843-3140.  The deadline for rebate applications for 2016 taxes is Sept.1.

Board Openings: Tooele County has a number of board openings. If you are interested in serving, we are interested in you!

1. Council on Aging – 1 position, open until filled

2. Budget Advisory Board – 2 positions, open until filled

3. Lake Point Cemetery and Park District – 1 position, open until filled

4. Historic Preservation Commission – 2 positions, open until filled

5. Planning Commission – 1 position, open until Sept. 2

Please follow this link Under “Tooele County Boards” you can read the description and meeting schedule of each board and download an application.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or 435-843-3148.

Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk/Auditor.

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