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February 4, 2014
Won’t help ourselves

I have been following this bad air situation since I moved here 10 years ago. It has only gotten worse, as there are more people, vehicles, and industry than ever before and predictions are of much more to come. This latest story only adds to the list of what we are not willing to do about it. Auto emissions go unchecked. Mass transit seems impractical. Now it looks like we are getting SteriCycle, a company our commissioners will entertain, but that should not even exist.

We won’t even help ourselves. Every drive-through seems packed with vehicles running at all hours — not just lunchtime. Diesels idle behind popular breakfast spots; what, with keyless entry, why shut them down? Same thing at the liquor store and convenience stores and just about anywhere people need to go — one errand at a time. Truckers run all night in Lake Point. Whatever happened to the ”revolutionary new system” that was to stop all of that? A while back, the government burned some “emergency” leakage on a red air day. I wonder how much of that we all got.

The bad air is not like the weather: “Everybody complains about it but nobody can change it.” The difference is that we can change it. The shame is that we won’t.

Gerry Larrivee


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