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March 8, 2018
You can receive feedback using the Feedback Hub

Windows 10 features the “Feedback Hub” where you can provide comments to help make Windows better, try new Windows software before the public, and even receive responses to your feedback. Here’s how to take part in these options.

The Feedback Hub couldn’t be easier to find, just click the “Start” button and scroll down the app list and open the “Feedback Hub.”

If you want to have the full experience and benefits of using the Feedback Hub, you will want to sign in using your Microsoft account. If you don’t have one by now, get one. It just makes sense to use a Microsoft email account when using a computer that uses Windows (Microsoft).

At the top of the Feedback Hub page, you can send in your thought, one per feedback, about how to improve Windows. Click the “+ Add new feedback” button and you can provide more details about your idea. At the bottom of this form, you have the chance to submit a file or a screenshot. Screenshots are fast and a lot easier than having to write down all the tech stuff.

When you submit your thought, device, operating system and application information are also included. If you are signed in and submit your feedback, you can track it and any responses you receive.

Back to the main page of the Feeback Hub, if you want to learn more about Windows, click “Open the Tips app.” You can also click on the “Start” button and then click “Tips.” When you do, on the page that opens, there are several categories for you to narrow down what it is you need. From creating and editing videos, creating in 3D and personalizing my pc, there is something for everyone. You can also “Browse all tips” from the link at the bottom.

The last item in the Feedback Hub is the Windows “Insider” program. Here you can be the first to download and try new versions of Windows. You will be asked to report any issues that need fixing. Click the “Join the Windows Insider Program” link for more details.

Large forums, where everyone shares their issues and how they fixed them, can be very valuable, and in this case, you can receive feedback from the source itself, Microsoft.

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